The Founder/President, Ray Boyadjian, is a former Business Banker. He spent over thirty years assisting companies with their financing needs, each with different complexities. He has an excellent reputation as an extremely knowledgeable person, with strong commitment to timely execution, high integrity and for being a genuine advocate to serving the borrower’s best interest. He has a vast network of lenders that he has worked with throughout the years. He understands the dynamics of market changes, changing business circumstances, changes in financing requirements and, accordingly, each credit has its own story and uniqueness that need to be addressed.


- The process of finding a business loan on your own is so complex. You have a full plate and better things to do running your business.


- It takes a lot of time to do all your research, figure out your business needs and find the right lenders. We offer different options that best suit your needs.


- There are a lot of alternative lenders.  Commercial banks aren’t your only option. We will find the right one for your needs.


– In most cases, we are compensated for our services by the lender, plain and simple.  Allow us to perform an evaluation, to determine if we can improve your present credit arrangement, with no obligation on your part.


- We have established relationships with an extensive network of lenders. We know how to work with them and get the best deal for you.


  • We listen to you extensively, ask questions and get your perspective.
  • Based on financial information and what we learn from you, we will quickly give you feedback if we can help you.
  • We will discuss with you, possible options, structures and benefits.
  • We promptly get to work to find the lenders, to present the credit request as your strong advocate and to obtain optimal credit solutions.
  • We will get back to you in a timely fashion, with feedback from lender(s) and options for you to make your decision.
  • We will stay on top of the process to get timely funding of the credit.
  • We will communicate with you every step of the way.

“I have known Ray for many years. We have done business together. He is very knowledgeable in structuring complex credits. He is sensitive to timely execution and he is committed to serving the borrowers’ best interest. He is highly professional, with great integrity and well networked.”
Steven M. Martini | MST, CPA | Martini Akpovi Partners LLP

“Ray is passionate about client service and understands the art of doing a deal. Ray is professional, timely, and responsive.”
Andy Torosyan | Partner | HCVT | Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt LLP

One of the first people I met when I moved to the westside to work (and later manage) RBZ was Ray Boyadjian. There was something about Ray that made me love him as a person and respect him as a finance professional. And my opinion has not changed in 25 years. His versatility mirrors that of my clients and when he gives advice I know it is coming from someone that really cares about my clients the same way I do.
Thomas (Tom) J. Schulte | Partner | Southern California Market Leader | ArmaninoLLP

“When I heard that Ray started RB Credit Solutions, I immediately referred him to a company where I serve in an advisor role. I know that Ray is an experienced qualified banker and his perspective would be of immense benefit to the owner.  Ray understands the array of lending choices available to companies of all sizes including those facing challenging situations.”
Larry Scherzer | President | Scherzer International

“I’ve known Ray for more than 25 years.   He and I have worked together on numerous commercial loan transactions—he as a commercial banker and I as bank counsel.  I’ve always found Ray to be innovative and laser-focused, as well as honest, straightforward, reliable, engaging and communicative.     Ray is one the finest bankers I’ve ever known and of the highest integrity.   I’m proud to count him as a good friend."
Joel | Joel J. Berman | Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP

“I have known and worked with Ray during his tenure at various financial institutions going back to Comerica Bank.  Ray is a straight-shooter, a consummate gentleman, and a professional’s professional.  He gets his deals done.  It is my pleasure to recommend him.”
Robert A. Willner | Shareholder | Buchalter